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Version 1.76 - Requested bugfix update

edited November 2022 in Official news

This release focuses on addressing issues reported by the community - thanks to all for the bug reports!

This time around, most of the new features have been mainly coming from additions to the expanding Downloads page. A few recent of note include:

  • Cinemachine integration
  • Mobile joystick template
  • Graphic options template
  • Input system integration (now updated with remapping options)

As for v1.76 itself:

Upgrade notes

  • The OnCraftingSucceed custom event now takes an additional InvInstance parameter that represents the resulting item
  • Giving an item to an NPC with no interaction will run the item's unhandled 'Give to NPC' interaction, not 'Use on Hotspot'
  • The "Disable Hotspots while dragging Player?" option has been removed


  • Added: Function to MenuSavesList that returns the SaveFile associated with a given slot
  • Added: OnHideSelectedElement custom event - called whenever a UI Button is hidden and it is the EventSystem's currently-selected GameObject
  • Added: Option to control Unity UI-based Menu transitions with a Float parameter
  • Changed: The "Transition type" Menu property's "Custom Animation" value has been renamed to "Custom Animation States"
  • Fixed: Menus sometimes becoming uninteractable when opened via ActionList
  • Fixed: Hover sounds for Unity UI Menu elements playing when the Menu is turned on


  • Added: "Minimum distance" option to the "Character: Move to point" Action when "Wait until finish?" is checked
  • Added: Ability to override the PlayerInput's "drag state" calculation through script
  • Fixed: "Run input threshold" field automatically used to control Player running when relying on custom Touch Screen input
  • Fixed: "Character: NPC follow" Action not accounting for the "Minimum distance" field correctly
  • Fixed: Issues with the NPC component's "Keep out of Player's way?" option


  • Added: Actions generated through script now record the Constant ID values of referenced GameObjects
  • Added: "Copy From Component Variable" option to the "ActionList: Set parameter" Action
  • Fixed: ActionList "PopUp" parameters not having a "Default value" field in the Editor
  • Fixed: PopUp parameters not being usable when comparing PopUp variables with the "Variable: Check" Action


  • Added: Ability to assign a per-Item unhandled Inventory interactions when giving an item to an NPC
  • Changed: The OnCraftingSucceed custom event now takes an additional InvInstance parameter that represents the resulting item
  • Changed: Giving an item to an NPC with no interaction will run the item's unhandled 'Give to NPC' interaction, not 'Use on Hotspot'
  • Fixed: Inventory item slots merging not accounting for differences in property values
  • Fixed: The OnCraftingSucceed custom event firing multiple times


  • Added: The "Filename" fields of speech lines listed in the Speech Manager are now selectable
  • Fixed: Conversation Inspectors not respecting the "Items before scrolling" Editor preferences option when listing dialogue options
  • Fixed: Speech lines separated by carriage-returns in "Dialogue: Play speech" Actions not playing Addressable audio
  • Fixed: Error when playing Addressable speech lines and the associated speech line cannot be found


  • Fixed: GameCamera2D positioning issues if a background constraint is applied but only in one direction
  • Fixed: Follow Tint Map component's "Affect children too?" option not affecting Sprite Renderers that are disabled at startup
  • Fixed: "Remember NPC" component affecting Transform rotation values even if "Turn root object in 3D?" is unchecked
  • Fixed: Sorting issue when two 2D characters appear in the same Sorting Map region


  • Added: Alternatives to the "Object: Transform" Action's CreateNew function to generate through script
  • The "Disable Hotspots while dragging Player?" option has been removed
  • Fixed: Hierarchy icons not showing when editing in Prefab Mode
  • Fixed: Various issues with the "Scene: Check attribute" Action
  • Fixed: Memory leaks when using the "Object: Add or remove" Action to add or remove Addressable GameObjects
  • Fixed: Animation playback issues with the "Character: Animate" and "Object: Animate" Actions' "Play Custom" option
  • Fixed: Error when attempting to set a Global variable's value through script while in a non-AC scene

As always, please be sure to backup your projects before upgrading!


  • Thank you so much for your hard work, Chris! Also glad to see graphic options template.

  • Thank you very much! I have a question: is there going to be a new integration with the Opsive UCC newest, 2.2 version which was recently released?

  • @hollycacao If necessary. Are you encountering issues with it?

  • I did not buy 2.2 yet and I was wondering if I should, because right now my work flow contains Adventure Creator with UCC.

  • Forgive me if I'm not following, but I was under the impression that 2.2 was released 2 years ago:

    Are you referring to a different asset?

  • Sorry, my bad. I talk about version 3.

  • No problem. It's too early to say right now, as I'm not sure how much v3 affects existing projects. I will look into it, however.

  • All right, thank you.

  • I've been through v3 and added a separate integration pacakge on the Downloads page.

  • Version 1.76.1:

    Upgrade notes

    • The iSaveFileHandler's Save, Load and Delete functions now return their results via callback
    • The SaveSystem script's ExtractSaveFileVariables function now returns the List of variables via callback

    • Added: Timers - use to increase or decrease a variable's value over time and run an ActionList upon completion

    • Added: "Variable: Set timer" Action - use to start, stop, or resume a Timer
    • Added: Ability to display a Timer's progress in Timer menu elements
    • Added: Ability to override an Inventory item's texture per-instance
    • Added: Ability to configure the PlayerMovement component's LayerMask used when performing raycasting
    • Added: Ability for Moveable objects to predict collisions ahead of moving and ignore movement commands if detected
    • Added: The Link Variable To Animator component now links with PopUp and Global variables
    • Added: Ability to override the Ambience and Music objects with custom prefabs
    • Added: Ability to assign names to Ambience and Music tracks, to aid with selection in the Editor
    • Added: Option to import and export game text in SpreadsheetML format
    • Added: Inventory String property values are now stored in save-games
    • Added: Ability for the "Inventory: Property to Variable" Action to transfer Variable values back to Inventory properties
    • Added: Ability to configure the colour of text outlines and shadows in AC-based menu elements
    • Added: Option for 2D characters to always move along Paths in the sprite direction, allowing for smooth movement at corners
    • Added: ClickMarker2D prefab to the Navigation prefab folder - use as a template for custom click markers in 2D games
    • Added: OnDelayChangeScene custom event - use to delay the loading of scenes so that optional downloading can occur beforehand
    • Added: "_Variables" object to the Scene Manager's Hierarchy folders
    • Changed: The iSaveFileHandler's Save, Load and Delete functions now return their results via callback
    • Changed: The SaveSystem script's ExtractSaveFileVariables function now returns the List of variables via callback
    • Fixed: Unity UI-based menus being clickable if their "Ignore cursor clicks" option was changed while they are already enabled
    • Fixed: "Unity UI blocks interaction and movement?" setting causing an error if no EventSystem is present
    • Fixed: Unity UI Cursor's "Cursor ID" Animator parameter not responding to Menu Element changes in the active cursor icon
    • Fixed: Hotspot label and active cursor reacting to Unity UI-based Menu Elements that are non-Interactable
    • Fixed: Corrupted ActionLists overwriting backup data when the autosaving process is run
  • Version 1.76.2:

    • Added: Ability to loop PopUp variable values increased using the "Variable: Set" Action
    • Added: The Game Text, Inventory and Variable export windows now retain their field values by default when re-opened
    • Added: The Inventory and Variable export wizards can now export data in the SpreadsheetML format
    • Added: TextMeshPro Dropdown support for Cycle menu elements
    • Added: Ability to copy Save-game Manager data readouts as Json to the text buffer
    • Added: Ability to include ActionList assets in the Speech Manager's "Gather text" process by implementing iActionListAssetReferencer in custom MonoBehaviours
    • Added: Ability to modify a Hotspot detector component's internal collection of Hotspots through custom script
    • Added: Optional parameters to the Player's Jump function, to ignore checking for their current grounded and jumping states
    • Added: Option to the "Engine: Play movie clip" Action to hold a video's last frame when playback is complete
    • Added: Animator parameter value smoothing to the First Person Camera component when "Head-bob method" is set to "Custom Animation"
    • Added: Ability to assign a fallback texture to Graphic menu elements if otherwise empty
    • Added: OnInventoryHover custom event - called when an item in the Player's inventory is hovered over
    • Added: OnCursorLock custom event - called whenever the cursor's locked state is updated
    • Added: OnCharacterRecalculatePathfind event - called whenever a character's active pathfind is recalculated, allowing the destination to be dynamically altered
    • Added: Custom ToString implementations for Hotspot, Button, InvItem, Objective, Menu, MenuElement, Player, NPC, Speech, and GVar classes
    • Changed: When TextMeshProIsPresent is defined as a scripting define symbol, Cycle menu elements now control TMP_Dropdown components, not Dropdown
    • Changed: If the Link Variable To Animator component references a Variable that does not have its "Link to" field set to "Custom Script", a one-way link will be established
    • Changed: If speech audio is supplied when using From Speech Text lip-syncing, the lip-syncing animation is scaled to the audio's length
    • Changed: New nodes added to a Path now point in the path's forward direction
    • Changed: If a Hotspot or its Walk-to Marker changes position while the Player is moving towards it, the Player will react if the "Pathfind update time" is non-zero
    • Fixed: "Trigger interaction by releasing click?" setting not having an effect on Unity UI-based Menus
    • Fixed: Hotspot Examine interactions not always running if its equivalent Use interaction is disabled
    • Fixed: Link Variable To Animator component not always updating values correctly
    • Fixed: Script sheet exports not separating shared Player lines by character
    • Fixed: Link Variable To Animator component not linking correctly with Global Variables
    • Fixed: Cycle menu elements not being selectable as a directly-controlled UI Menu's first selected element
    • Fixed: Error if the OnDoubleClickHotspot custom event is used to de-select the active Hotspot
    • Fixed: Error appearing when opening a loading scene that is not an "AC scene" in v1.76.1
    • Fixed: ActionList asset files referenced by Paths or Arrow Prompts not being included in the Speech Manager's "Gather text" process
    • Fixed: Inventory properties of stacked items linking their values to other items when unstacked
    • Fixed: Characters not teleporting correctly in Unity 2022.2 if they have a Rigidbody with interpolation enabled
    • Fixed: "Character: Move along path" Action's "Resume Last Set Path" command not working if the "Stop Moving" command was first run multiple times
    • Fixed: The ActionTransform's CreateNew function not accounting for the markerToMoveTo parameter
    • Fixed: "Unity UI in Scene" menus not always having their Element visibility properly restored after loading a save-file
    • Fixed: Error with the "Object: Teleport" Action if "Copy rotation?" is checked but no Marker is assigned
    • Fixed: Formatting of exported SpreadsheetML files that contain angle-brackets in cell data
    • Fixed: Game Text import window reading files as CSV regardless of format
    • Fixed: Aspect-ratio borders becoming transparent during camera-fades
    • Fixed: Interactivity issues when a drag-controlled Camera is active since v1.75.7
    • Fixed: "From Speech Text" lipsyncing processing tokens and tags inserted into speech text
    • Fixed: Point and click movement clicks being blocked by colliders on the Ignore Raycast layer since v1.76.1
  • edited February 2023

    Congrats on the release,

    I appreciate the new ToString() overrides, and the OnInventoryHover event is just what I needed👍

  • Version 1.76.3:

    • Added: Ability to link Component variables to Playmaker GameObjects that have multiple FSMs
    • Fixed: "Object: Animate" Action sometimes producing unnecessary Console messages when run
    • Fixed: Player sometimes running a Hotspot interaction prematurely if the Hotspot is moving away from them
    • Fixed: Link Variable To Animator component sometimes causing an error if linked to a Component variable in v1.76.2
    • Fixed: Scenes not switching correctly if a non-AC loading screen is used in v1.76.2
  • Thank you Chris for UCC v3 update!!! (and also articy:draft integration) YOU ARE THE BEST!

  • Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere, but is there a corresponding recommended version of Unity to be used with each AC version, or simply use the latest stable version of Unity?

  • Welcome to the community, @bill_renk.

    I'd always recommend using the latest LTS version of Unity - both when using and not using AC as well.

    However, if you find an issue between AC a particular version of Unity (including betas), by all means let me know.

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