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Change player walk animation on specific zone

Hi there,

I would like to know how it is possible to make player a market animation specific to my character when this one walks in water. (see the screen :
My idea and that when my player detects the water zone, a different walking animation (with splashes for example) is displayed instead of the classic walking animation

Thanks all


  • You can place a Trigger down in your scene that covers the zone in your screenshot - this can be used to run Actions when the Player enters or exits its area.

    The Character: Animate Action can be used to alter a character's standard (e.g. walk) animations. If you attach a second Trigger component to your Trigger and set it to react "On Exit", then you can set the animation to one state when entering, and another when exiting.

  • Thanks it work great!!
    In my trigger i changed , the character : Animate : Set Standard : Walk.

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