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Getting inventory parameter in menu doesn't work

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I have a store menu in the game and I'd like it to display the price parameter on a Text label. However... it does not work.

It does seem to recognise the selected item because I have a "Use" interaction actionlist when its clicked that sets the item description string in the store and it does that just fine, but the price is always empty.

I'm probably missing something dumb but here are my photos
(The linked constant ID thing is the same even if I drag the text gameobject in brand new)
If it helps its a Unity UI prefab assigned the AC's menu system.

Can anyone help me?
Thanks very much


  • The "Selected Item" option in the Label refers to the item that is currently selected - i.e. the cursor has changed to it, and clicking on a Hotspot/other item will cause the two to be combined.

    If the item has a "Use" Interaction assigned, clicking it won't necessarily select it - you'd have to use the Inventory: Select Action inside the ActionList to manually do so.

    If you want the property to appear when its clicked, however, you can instead set the Inventory item source field to Last Clicked Item.

  • Hi Chris, Thank you for that
    I've changed it to Last Clicked Item and its still blank?

  • Sorry is there also a way to make Text display the name of the current inventory item as well?

  • You mentioned the Item's description text showing - is that a similar Label element or are you using a custom script?

    If a script, share it - it's best to incorporate all the property displaying into one.

  • The description text is a string variable that gets set when the item's Use actionlist runs (it was before I noticed parameters were a thing lol)

  • I can't recreate such an issue. Can you share screenshots of the InventoryBox element that contains the items you're clicking on?

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