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How to improve upon point and click adventure?

I love classic point and click adventure games like Gabriel Knight, King's Quest, and the Adventures of Willie Beamish. My game is modelled after these, with similar point and click style play and very few tool tips. However, much of my player base are younger gamers who just don't get the appeal of games that take a lot of investigating and pixel hunting. They want a way to easily see what the character should do to advance the story. I disagree and think half the fun is figuring it out for yourself but I must admit that there are some areas in my design where it isn't obvious where you're supposed to go which could be frustrating for some players. Business is business and I also don't want to alienate a lot of potential customers with a product that is no longer appealing to modern gamers.

How can I add a feature or possibly an option to make the game easier for those who want it?

I've considered adding a hint system for where to go next, but this would require an extensive additional placement of graphics and new menus to facilitate this. Something that highlights the next area could work but I'm not sure from a design standpoint the best way to go about this.

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