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Problem on Package import into fresh unity project

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Hi, I just picked up Adventure Creator yesterday. When I've imported the package in the package manager I get some errors once it is done setting up the Scene:

Problem detected while importing the Prefab file:'Assets/AdventureCreator/Prefabs/Automatic/MainCamera.prefab'.
Problem detected while loading the contents on the Prefab file: 'Assets/AdventureCreator/Prefabs/Automatic/MainCamera.prefab' Check the following logs for more details.

Component at index 2 could not be loaded when loading game object 'MainCamera'. Removing it.

Problem detected while importing the Prefab file 'Assets/AdventureCreator/Prefabs/Automatic/MainCamera.prefab'.
The file might be corrupt or have missing nested Prefabs. See details below.
Warnings: component at index 2 could not be loaded when loading game object 'MainCamera'. Removing it.

What can I do to fix this?

(sorry for double post, internet error)


  • Hi! You should post your Unity version.

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    Welcome to the community, @ChibiSheDevil.

    What Unity version are you using, and on what platform?

    The error suggests an issue with one of the components - likely the "GUI Layer" component - that was on the MainCamera prefab but isn't part of the version of Unity you're using. It also seems like Unity has auto-corrected the issue by itself.

    You can check that everything is all right by dropping AC's MainCamera prefab into your scene (this is automatic when using the Scene Manager to convert the scene into an "AC" one) and viewing its Inspector.

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    I'm currently using 2020.3.25f1 but it's a fresh project so I can swap versions if needs be. The camera prefab appears to be working without error when I drop it into the scene, but I'm unsure of how it's supposed to look since I'm still getting used to the tool.

  • That's understandable. My gut feeling is that you should be fine, though.

    If you do come across an issue with the camera, however, share details and I'll advise.

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