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Need some help understanding when it comes to speech manager + settings

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Hi there,

So recently I was trying to turn my dialogue system into a style where you would have to left click the dialogue to continue, the option that helped me with this was checking the settings such as "Display narration forever until user skips it?" "subtitles can be skipped" and "can skip with mouse clicks?"

Now I am a little confused because there's another checkbox for "Display subtitles forever until user skips it?" and initially I thought this would be the setting to help me with the ability to left click dialogs to continue feature but it was the narration one so the question is what is the difference?

Where would subtitles setting apply and where would narration apply? When I run actionlist in editor such as Dialogue > Play Speech, is this part of narration or subtitle? and what about conversation?. I also noticed that left click to continue the dialogue speech works only if you have Player line? checked.

Sorry just a little confused on what handles what, the Display narration forever until user skips it? helped me with the Play Speech action. So I'm just trying to wrap my head around Speech/dialogue settings.



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    In AC terms, narration refers to any speech line that is not attached to a character.

    This'll include instances of the Dialogue: Play speech Action that have Player line? checked, but no Player is assigned - i.e. in your Settings Manager or present in the scene file.

  • @ChrisIceBox

    I see. I did everything correctly and it still didn't work but I found out what fixed it, which was making sure that the actionlist under interactions in scene had the When running set to Pause Gameplay.

    So apparently it doesn't work with Run in Background option, which now it makes me think what if you wanted to not pause the gameplay? Like I can see a use case of where the developer of the game would like things to still move around in the background like characters walking etc and still be able to use the left click to continue dialogue feature.

    So I guess it would require custom scripting for something like that?

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    Background and narration are separate concepts - they're not related to one another in the Speech Manager options.

    Background speech never interrupts the player's clicking - and won't display forever either. The "Display subtitles/narration forever" options only affect non-background speech.

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    @ChrisIceBox oh okay.

    I'm think of doing the manual way of dialogbox with some scripting, where I have to click the dialoguebox area to continue the dialogue.

    Can you point me the right line of code to basically call the next line etc.
    I tried KickStarter.dialog.GetLatestSpeech(); but that method calls the last line.

  • If your speech is queued in ActionLists, the next line only exists once the last line has ended. You can do that with:

    Speech speech = KickStarter.dialog.GetLatestSpeech ();
    KickStarter.dialog.KillDialog (speech);
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