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NPC only visible based on variables

How do you make NPCs only appear the first time a character enters an area (or only on a certain day)?
So far I'm doing this with the onstart: cutscene variables with an integer. Or for a certain day, a boolean. Then I change the character rendering to push them back in order layer behind the background to "hide" them. The problem is their hotspot is still visible.
There must be a better way to do this that I'm not aware of.


  • You can use the Hotspot: Enable or disable Action to prevent a Hotspot from being interactive.

    It's often easier, however, to move the entire character off-screen - using the Object: Teleport Action - to avoid having to control the rendering and interactivity separately.

  • Thank you, that works perfectly. Hotspot: Enable Disable will probably work great for when I want an NPC or object to remain on screen but not interactable after the first time, and Object: Teleport is good for when the object is completely gone. :)

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