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Speech IDs not copied when using Cut/Copy/Paste inActionList Editor


yesterday I split up a large cutscene into three smaller ones by selecting a bunch of Actions in the large cutscene, clicking "Cut", creating a new cutscene and pasting the Actions in there. What I noticed too late was the fact, that all Speech IDs from the pasted Actions got lost.

Is this expected behaviour, or did I encounter a bug?

Unity 2018.4.36f1
AC 1.75.0


  • It's intended, so as to ensure that you don't end up with duplicate IDs.

    Though, perhaps an exception can be made in the case of Cutting vs simply Copying. I'll give this some thought - thanks for the alert, and apologies if it caused trouble.

  • Yes, makes sense when copying, but as you mentioned it would be better to keep the IDs when cutting/pasting actions, if it is technically possible.

  • It is - I shall make this change in the next release.

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