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Button Text Carriage Return?

I've noticed a little issue (in fact I'm not sure if this should be a feature request to be honest), where once any text is assigned to a UI button it's not possible to separate the lines of text (by pressing SHIFT & ENTER) as it is in the speech dialogue, for example.

Here's the result from the button prefab that I'm requiring:

And here's the output once in play/build mode:

Here's the button menu:

It's not possible to create a new line between the "To" and "Sunnybank".

Should this be a feature request? I hope this makes sense.


  • If you rely on TextMesh Pro for your UI Text rendering, you can use the "\n" escape sequence to force text onto a new line - provided that "Parse Escape Characters" is enabled in the TextMeshProUGUI component.

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