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Version 1.75 - Bumper-bugfix edition

Many thanks for people's patience in waiting for this release, which addresses a number of issues that have been reported over the past few weeks.

The major new feature in this release is the addition of PopUp parameters, which has been requested a few times. Like variables, PopUps can be used to define a set-number of strings, and can aid with logic-processing in ActionLists. They can also be used to override text fields, allowing for an e.g. Dropdown list of Menus to control in the various Menu-based Actions.

On other fronts:

  • It's now possible for 3D Direct-controlled games to do away with wall colliders, through use of the NavMeshAgent Integration script.
  • For optimisation, Unity UI prefab menus can optionally be spawned in via Addressable keys.
  • The Object: Transform Action finally has the option to move objects at a constant speed, rather than duration.

Full changelog below:

Upgrade note

  • The OnDoubleClickHotspot custom event now has an additional "Button" parameter


  • Added: The NavMeshAgentIntegration script now works with Direct movement, and avoids the need to use wall colliders
  • Added: OnCharacterTeleport event - called whenever a character is snapped to a new position
  • Fixed: Pathfinding issue when using a 2D NavMesh that has "Character evasion" set to "None"
  • Fixed: "Character: Face object" Action sometimes running for too long when using IK head-turning since v1.74.3
  • Fixed: Player sometimes halting inappropriately when using the "Player: Constrain" Action mid-movement
  • Fixed: "Character: Animate" Action sometimes displaying an "Add directional suffix?" field when the referenced character uses the Mecanim animation engine
  • Fixed: "Character: Move to point" Action sometimes halting the active Player if Player-switching is enabled


  • Added: "Run in background?" option for Speech Timeline track clips
  • Added: "Normalised phoneme float" parameter option for Mecanim and Sprites Unity Complex characters when lip-syncing is enabled
  • Fixed: Speech Manager's "Retain subtitle text buffer once line has ended?" option not working as intended
  • Fixed: Various issues related to lipsync processing at runtime


  • Added: ActionList PopUp parameters - use to define a discrete list of strings that can be selected from a dropdown field
  • Fixed: Scene-based Action fields not recording the Constant ID of prefab objects assigned while in Prefab Mode
  • Fixed: "Variable: Copy" Action throwing an error when changing a parameter's type
  • Fixed: "Variable: Set" Action not always using a String parameter's value


  • Changed: The OnDoubleClickHotspot custom event now has an additional "Button" parameter
  • Fixed: Highlight component's "Enable when associated Hotspot is selected?" option causing Highlighting to be disabled when de-selecting a Hotspot
  • Fixed: Error when using the "Inventory: Change interaction" Action to enable an Inventory item's Combine interaction
  • Fixed: Issues when manipulating Draggables that use looping Hinge and Curved tracks with "Cursor Position" input
  • Fixed: Highlight component's "CancelFlash" function not working correctly


  • Added: Ability to reference Unity UI prefab menus by Addressable key
  • Added: Ability to alter the " : " suffix in Toggle and Cycle element labels
  • Added: Warning message if a Unity UI's Menu "First selected Element" field is incorrectly set
  • Fixed: Corrupted menus in the Menu Manager preventing a game from starting
  • Fixed: Cycle elements displaying a colon character if the label text is empty
  • Fixed: Occasional error when previewing SavesList menu elements in the Game window
  • Fixed: InventoryBox elements sharing the same "Limit by category" data after duplication
  • Fixed: Issues with direct-navigation of Interaction elements in Unity UI


  • Fixed: Animation errors related to Sprites Unity characters not being reported in Unity's Player log
  • Fixed: Persistent object data not being listed in the Save-game File Manager
  • Fixed: Compilation error when using an Assembly Definition file
  • Fixed: Compilation error in Unity 2021.2 or later


  • Fixed: "Engine: Control Timeline" Action sometimes waiting indefinitely if the Playable Director's "Extrapolation Mode" is set to "Hold"
  • Fixed: "Limit Visibility" component not being affected by MainCamera Timeline tracks, provided "Calls custom events?" is checked


  • Added: Ability to define a label for a Container
  • Added: Option to scale the "Object: Transform" Action's transition time with the distance the object must move by
  • Fixed: "Object: Animate" Action not playing clips directly in the Editor if the layer is non-zero
  • Fixed: Third-person camera spinning after loading a save-game file
  • Fixed: OnEnterGameState and OnExitGameState events not firing after a scene change
  • Fixed: Error if the SceneChanger script's ChangeScene function is called while AC is sleeping due to entering a non-AC scene


  • Thanks Chris, I'll update and try on my project.

  • Cheers, Chris.

  • Thanks! Updated successfully.

  • Updated last night. All seems good.

  • Version 1.75.1

    • Added: Ability to display a Conversation in a specific DialogList menu element using the "Dialogue: Play speech" Action
    • Added: The "Inventory: Add or remove" Action's "Set amount?" option is now available even if "Remove last-selected?" is checked
    • Added: Ability to assign a fallback for each language, relies upon if a given text line is empty
    • Added: Function to Conversation class that returns the ID of the dialogue option at a fixed visible index
    • Added: ignoreDuringExport variable to SpeechLine class - set to True in a custom script to prevent a text line from being included in CSV exports
    • Added: RunInteraction function to Hotspot - use to run a Hotspot interaction by referencing its associated Button class
    • Changed: The Highlight component Inspector's custom events now trigger when the FlashHotspots input is invoked
    • Changed: RuntimeLanguage's Languages List is now of the type Language, a container class for language data
    • Changed: The Speech Manager's "languages" string List is replaced with a "Languages" Language List, containing all information about the game's languages
    • Changed: New translations for existing game text are now empty by default
    • Changed: Action-based Speech Manager line IDs are no longer reset when cutting and pasting
    • Fixed: LookRotation messages sometimes appearing in the Console with v1.75.0
    • Fixed: Issues with Orthographic GameCameras that react to the target's position
    • Fixed: Changes made to a SpeechLine's alwaysRetainInSpeechManager variable through script not always being saved
    • Fixed: 2D Pathfinding issue when a NavMesh has multiple colliders and "NavMesh search direction" is set to "Radially Outwards From Cursor"
    • Fixed: Speech Manager's "Reset text" operation not resetting Objective or save labels
    • Fixed: Speech Manager's "Scene filter" not filtering out imperfect matches
  • edited March 2022

    I have updated to 1.75.1. (from v1.73.2)
    Unfortunately now my Inventory does not work anymore. The Interaction menu does not appear when I click an Item. (Interaction Method: Choose Hotspot Then Interaction)

    In addition, I had a big "close button" in the background of the inventory, to close the menu when clicking outside. And a smaller "NoClose" Area under the Inventory Box to prevent the click to go through in this area. Now this mechanic is not working anymore. The "click" seems to go "down" to the close button and triggers the menu to "turn off".

  • Have you been through the "Upgrade notes" sections for v1.74.0 and v1.75.0 in the Manual, and have you re-assigned your Managers?

    Create a new thread with details, sharing images of the relevant Managers.

  • edited March 2022

    I've just updated to 1.75.1.

    I've checked my game, including inventory and menu actions, and everything seems to be working as expected. No issues here.

  • Updated to the new version 1.75.1, no problems at the moment.
    Thanks Chris

  • edited March 2022

    I found the problem. Somehow the sort-order in the menus was messed up. I could fix it but just re-order the buttons in the inventory (bottom to top). No idea if it happened because of the update or if something else was the cause.

  • Version 1.75.2

    • Added: Ability to disable languages, preventing them from being available at runtime without deleting them
    • Added: Function to MenuElement script to get the Menu Element slot index that references a GameObject
    • Added: Ability to prevent a Sorting Map from affecting character sorting values
    • Added: Highlight effect compatibility with Universal Render Pipeline
    • Added: Option to pre-process text tokens when adding journal pages with the "Menu: Change state" Action
    • Fixed: Control issue with Third Person GameCamera when the mouse is over a Hotspot while outside of its Interactive Boundary
    • Fixed: Save-game file manager displaying incorrect Global Variable values
    • Fixed: Rare Console error preventing existing projects from running after updating to v1.75.1
  • Thank you for the Highlight compatibility for URP!

    I found a minor grammatical error in draggable script

  • Added: The "Inventory: Add or remove" Action's "Set amount?" option is now available even if "Remove last-selected?" is checked

    was waiting for this one lol, thanks a lot. I was considering not using stackable items at all in my game because of certain missing functionalities around it. This solved one of the main problems with it.

  • edited May 2022

    Version 1.75.3:

    • Added: Option to automatically zoom in a GameCamera2D if it's background constraint does not fill the screen
    • Added: Ability to sync the Walk cursor with an Interaction icon when using "Choose Interaction Then Hotspot" mode
    • Added: OnRequestInventoryCountText event - use to override the "count" label for Inventory items
    • Added: Option to the GameEngine's Multi Scene Checker component to run AC's startup processes in Unity's first Update frame, rather than the Start function
    • Added: Ability to change the ID numbers of Inventory items, Documents, Objectives and Global Variables - along with all references made to them
    • Added: "Use AC cursor" option to the World Space Cursor Example component
    • Added: Ability to prevent the Player from moving to Hotspot "Walk-to" Markers if no interaction was run when clicking on the Hotspot
    • Added: The "Save: Save or load", "Save: Manage profiles" and "Save: Manage saves" Action label fields now support the pre-processing of text tokens
    • Added: "All" option to Speech Manager's "Type filter" field
    • Added: Ability to assign descriptions for all text lines gathered in the Speech Manager
    • Added: Character name field to the Character Wizard window when creating a Player
    • Changed: The "Save: Save or load", "Save: Manage profiles" and "Save: Manage saves" Actions have had their String variable fields replaced with text fields
    • Changed: Renamed the InvInstance class's IsPartialTransform function to IsPartialTransfer
    • Changed: Tweaks to the display of text lines in the Speech Manager
    • Fixed: Action socket display issue on Windows platform
    • Fixed: Cursor sometimes switching interaction icon when over a Hotspot in rare circumstances
    • Fixed: Issue with the Localization integration's "Auto-sync Locale with Language?" option
    • Fixed: Display issue with Input menu elements that are set to "Automatic" Size
    • Fixed: "Find references" operations sometimes missing references
    • Fixed: Document page text fields not spanning the full width of the Inventory Manager
    • Fixed: "Remember Variables" components not always being added as part of the "Auto-add save components to GameObjects" operation
    • Fixed: Error when using loading scenes that have not been set up by AC's Scene Manager
    • Fixed: Error when restarting scenes loaded using Addressables
    • Fixed: Scene-based Actions not displaying comments when collapsed
    • Fixed: Action fields overridden by parameters somtimes not reporting missing components
    • Fixed: "ActionList: Kill" Action not ending Cutscenes that have not yet run due to a start delay
    • Fixed: "ActionList: Run" Actions that have "Wait until finish?" checked not waiting if the ActionList they run has a start delay
    • Fixed: GameCamera2D Background constraints being offset by the camera's default position
    • Fixed: Minor Editor UI issues
  • "Highlight" stopped working for my entire project. Maybe I missed something, but do I need to change something after the last update? I am using URP now, but I always used "Sprites-Default" material because that was the only way "Highlight" worked.

  • Now I'm back to 1.75.1 and it's ok.

  • @OhNoo A thread on this issue can be found here - I will address this in the next update.

  • edited May 2022

    @ChrisIceBox Thanks Chris, I can always count on you.

  • Version 1.75.4:

    Upgrade note

    • Scene-based Actions are now autosaved every 10 minutes - see this link for details:

    • Added: ActionList autosaving - scene-based ActionList data is now backed-up every 10 minutes, configurable in Project Settings

    • Added: "Camera drag" cursor type to the Cursor Manager - displays when mouse-dragging a GameCamera Third Person or GameCamera 2D Drag
    • Added: "Background constraint" option to the GameCamera 2D Drag Inspector - use to constrain movement bounds to a sprite in the scene
    • Added: If a prefab has its Constant ID's "Retain in prefab?" unchecked, AC can now search all scenes and auto-fix all instances of the prefab
    • Added: Additional PerformCrafting function to RuntimeInventory, to allow for the generation of Recipe resulting items through script
    • Added: Improved the CustomTranslatableExample script to automatically update the custom text string as the game's language is set
    • Added: GetTranslation function variant to RuntimeLanguages that gets the translation for a given line ID in the game's current language
    • Added: "Highlight empty slots?" option for InventoryBox elements now show even if "Items can be re-ordered in Menus?" is unchecked
    • Added: Ability to set ACEditorPrefs values through script
    • Added: Warning message if AC is started from a scene that is not the active scene
    • Added: Ability to override the default "_Color" material property affected by Highlight components in the Settings Manager
    • Added: Option to end all currently-running ActionLists when using the "Engine: End game" Action's "Restart Game" command
    • Added: AllOptionsBeenChosen function to the Conversation class
    • Fixed: "Dialogue: Start conversation" Actions that override options having incorrect outputs after re-arranging the Conversation's options
    • Fixed: Remember components not respecting "on start" Inspector values when the Unity Editor's "Enter Play Mode Options" option is checked
    • Fixed: Interaction menu elements with "For fixed icon?" checked not loading correctly at runtime
    • Fixed: Issue with drag-controlled cameras when the mouse is over Hotspots outside of gameplay
    • Fixed: Speech Manager's "Play talking animations forever until user skips it?" option not displaying in the Editor
    • Fixed: The "ActionList Starter" component's "Run instantly?" option sometimes causing incorrect Actions to run
    • Fixed: Changes made to a prefab Constant ID's "Retain in prefab?" option not always being saved
    • Fixed: 2D Camera positioning issue when a background constraint is assigned, but the Camera has no Target
    • Fixed: Empty slots in Inventory boxes not being retained upon loading a save-game file
    • Fixed: Follow SortingMap components conflicting with Moveable component behaviour
    • Fixed: Compilation issues when using the experimental AC_ActionListPrefabs directive
  • Added: "Highlight empty slots?" option for InventoryBox elements now show even if "Items can be re-ordered in Menus?" is unchecked

    Yay, thanks

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