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Saving Game on Furioos

Hi, everyone. For various reasons, we play with the idea of providing our customers '3D Mini Adventures' via "Furioos". There is only one hook: How can we enable the player to save his game and to load again at another time. Currently, AC stores the files somewhere on the virtual machine, as soon as a Furioos session is finished, this virtual machine is deleted and the scores are of course gone. The "Savefile" would have to be somehow stored on the computer of the client. Does anyone have experience with such a scenario and maybe have an idea for it?


  • It depends on where the platform intends for save data to be stored, but AC's behaviour of storing files on the machine is only by default.

    See the Manual's "Custom save formats and handling" chapter for details on this topic. AC provides another class that allows you to alternatively save data in PlayerPrefs:

    AC.SaveSystem.SaveFileHandler = new SaveFileHandler_PlayerPrefs ();

    If the platform has specific needs regarding save-file storage, it's possible to cater for this by writing a custom iSaveFileHandler class and then assigning it in the same way.

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