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Fixing an error after adding a custom script...

I've noticed the editor says:
The script 'C:\Users\fra\Documents\Unity\Adv_pixart\Adventure_pixart\Assets\Radio_Dementia\Custom scripts\AutoGive.cs' must derive from AC's Action class in order to be available as an Action.
every time i open the project... It's not a real issue, but if you tell me where i have to declare this dipendence i whoud be happy :) I've little knowledge about C# structure, i was thinking add some header at the beginning of the file... please help me :)


  • If you are pointing to the folder within the "Custom Actions" section of the Actions Manager, then AC will assume that all scripts within it are Action scripts.

    If you have non-Action scripts in there, move them to a separate folder and the error should go.

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