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Menu image not showing as expected

Hi everyone - thanks for stopping by.

I am working on a menu-based journal but having problems getting the background image to display; a white square appears instead.

Windows 10 (auto-updates so fairly up-to-date)
Unity version 2020.3.22f1 Personal
AC version 1.74.5

FYI: I have a copy of the Assets > AdventureCreator > UI folder in my game assets folder. I'm not sure if I copied it there after reading it in a tutorial or if it was there since setting up AC via the wizard. I mention this in case it is a glaringly obvious problem right off the bat. My NotepadUI prefab detailed below is in my game's copy of said AC folder.

I use a copy of the default AC Document menu in my game's Menu Manager (my menu is called Notebook) and a copy of the default AC DocumentUI prefab (called NotepadUI); both have been modified to fit my game's requirements but the majority of the changes were just layout. However, I have made sure that the ConstantIDs have been refreshed for all of the elements in my NotepadUI prefab so they are not identical to the default DocumentUI IDs. I've also updated the menu elements in my Notebook menu in the Menu Manager with the appropriate NotepadUI elements. ConstantIDs appear to be being recorded in the Menu Manager correctly.

But whenever I close the NotepadUI prefab after binding the UI elements to the menu elements, the menu elements instantly change in the Menu Manager to missing. In the following image, I had bound the UI elements to the menu elements, exited prefab mode, the bindings went missing and I opened the NotepadUI prefab again so I could check that the recorded ConstantIDs matched up.

When I run the game, the rest of the menu functions as expected (new pages are added to the journal as required and text is updated using global variables/custom action combo) but the background image of the notepad shows as a white square (as if the image wasn't found). I don't see any related warnings or errors in the console.

Here's an image of the menu in-game after being successfully updated at runtime to include the text seen.

Feels like I'm missing something fundamental again. I'd appreciate any advice anyone can offer and, if more info is required, please just ask.


  • If the UI is being changed with a white square (indicating an empty/missing texture), then that would suggest the connection is being made and there's no issue with the Constant IDs.

    As the Graphic elemen'ts "Graphic type" is set to "Document Texture" though, it will update based on the Texture field of the selected Document, as defined in each Document's properties in the Inventory Manager.

    If this background is intended to stay the same, there's no need to link it to the Menu Manager through a Graphic element.

  • Ahhhh - gotcha. I've removed the link, changed the graphic type to 'normal' with a defined texture and it is working. Many thanks for such a swift and enlightening response again, @ChrisIceBox.

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