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Inventory not registering mouse clicks

Hi all,

I recently upgraded to Unity (2021.2.7f1) & AC (v1.74.5) and my inventory menu no longer seems to register clicks on inventory items. I have a traditional inventory set up (AC as opposed to Unity UI), the inventory labels appear when mousing over them, but when clicking on the menu it is unresponsive. There is also a pause menu button that is part of the same menu, which works as expected (mousing over highlights button, clicking opens pause menu). I hadn't updated for a while (I think I was on an early Unity 2020).

Apologies if anyone else has posted about this issue, I couldn't find any and I'm a bit stumped,




  • Did you update Unity and AC at the same time? If you're updating from an older AC version, be sure to check the "Upgrade notes" sections of the Changelog file for all versions since.

    If the menu is responsive to clicks in other elements, what are the properties of the InventoryBox element as listed in the Menu Manager? In particular, check that the Inventory box type property is set to Default, and that Prevent interactions? and Prevent selection? are both unchecked.

  • Hi Chris, I did indeed update both Unity & AC at the same time. I couldn't see any obvious changes to the inventory system though. Here are the InventoryBox element properties:

  • I think I'll need to see this for myself - can you PM me a .unitypackage of your 8 Manager assets?

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