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Default ratios cand cameras

Hello all.
I'm fighting against resolution and ratios, definitely there's something wrong happening here. As you see in the inspector I selected the ratio 1:33, which is the same than 4:3, which is the ratio for 640 x 480 resolution. As you see in the screen there are two frames which doesn't feet. One is 4:3 (the selected one) which is the background PNG (640 x 480 px), and the other frame which doesn't fit is the camera.
Why the camera is not taking the ratio that it is in the settings?

(BTW, the img button of this form doesn't work)


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    Unity's Camera shape is determined by the aspect ratio of the Game window.

    AC's "Aspect ratio" setting will not affect it's physical shape, but instead adds borders to the side of it when this aspect ratio does not match the intended ratio set in the Settings Manager.

    Controlling the shape of your camera is a case of configuring the Resolution drop-down in the upper-left corner of the Game window.

    (BTW, the img button of this form doesn't work)

    Images cannot be uploaded here, but you can embed an image so long as you refer to the url of the image file itself, rather than the Imgur page it sits on.

  • Ok, thank you

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