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Hotspot's label OnHotspot

I want the Hotspot's label to appear at a fix position above the hotspot when the player gets close to it. When he sees the label, he can click the hotspot to interact or push interaction button. I use direct control (mouse and keyboard) for character movement, 3 person camera and player vicinity (show all) for hotspot detection.
I still need to have the cursor above the hotspot to see the label, and the label moves with the cursor in range of the hotspot.
I changed OnHotspot in Position option in the Hotspot menu but itn't fix it. Can you help me, please?
Thanks in advance


  • The Hotspot menu appearing, and where it is positioned, are handled separately.

    If your Hotspots in vicinity setting is set to Show All, then multiple Hotspots can be interactive at once - and so the cursor position is used to select which one to interact with. To have the Hotspot menu appear as you approach a Hotspot - regardless of cursor position - set this setting instead to either Nearest Only or Cycle Multiple.

    For the Hotspot label to be positioned over the Hotspot itself, setting its Position property to On Hotspot should do the trick. If it's giving you trouble, check that you don't have multiple Hotspot menus in your Menu Manager, and share screens of the issue and the Menu's properties - I'll try to see if I can spot what's wrong.

  • Thanks.
    I used Cycle Multiple and work fine.
    Can I change the label for its interaction icon or another texture? In the label position

  • If you're referring to an Interaction element's icon/label, it's taken from the Cursor Manager's "Interaction icons" panel. You can use this panel to update available icons and textures.

    If not, I'll need to see screenshots to illustrate what you're referring to.

  • Thanks Chris.

    I can this:

    I want to look the icon and label or only icon on hotspot position, regardless of the cursor position

    Thanks in advance

  • The icon in your first screenshot appear to be the cursor itself. If you don't want your cursor to show the interaction icon, uncheck Change cursor based on Interaction? in the Cursor Manager.

    Having an interaction icon appear beside the Hotspot is a case of adding an Interaction element to your Hotspot menu, which appears to be correctly positioned.

    Each Interaction element is mapped to a specific icon, so you'll need to create a separate element for each one.

    What is your game's Interaction method setting set to?

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