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2d Navigation Map and Game over sequence

Hello, i wanted to implement a Map with unlockable locations to allow the player to move to different places. The map should be activated through Menu.
How should I proceed logically with this?

Also, to manage game over sequences, how should I do it? (Still an idea of the logic so I can proceed myself)



  • Welcome to the community, @fabri160477.

    Any logic associated with the map should be "global", so that it can be checked and updated at any time during the game - not just when the map screen is open.

    The easiest way to keep track of where the Player can and can't visit is to rely on a Global Boolean variable for each location, e.g. "Restaurant unlocked", "Arena unlocked".

    At the time the map screen is shown, you can then run a series of Variable: Check Actions to determine which parts of it should be interactive or not.

    I recommend making the map screen a separate scene, so that this can then be handled through regular Hotspots. If "Restaurant unlocked" is True, for example, a "Restaurant" Hotspot can be enabled (using the Hotspot: Enable or disable Action - and disabled if False.

    If you want the Player character to return to the same spot they were in if they cancel/close the map screen without visiting anywhere, it's better to rely on a separate Player character that only exists in the map scene. For this, you'll want to enable player-switching in your Settings Manager, create a "Map screen Player" and have them start in the map scene. Switching to the map screen is then a case of using the Player: Switch Action, rather than Scene: Switch. This way, you can use another Player: Switch Action to return to the original Player (position intact) when closing the map.

    A tutorial on player-switching can be found here.

    For game-over sequences: it depends on how you want to present it, but you can either rely on a menu, or a separate scene. With the latter, you can more easily handle any animation / fade effects / sound etc that come with it.

    You can have the game react to the player clicking either with a Menu button that then appears, or an Active Input (see the Manual's "Active inputs" chapter for more on this). To restart the game and return to your game's opening scene, use the Engine: End game Action's Restart Game method.

  • I really appreciate your suggestions. I will work on them.
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