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Menu Fit In Screen Issue

AC: V1.74.2 UNITY: v2020.3.19f1

ISSUE: My UNITY UI inventory doesn’t fit in the screen in the build, but fits perfectly when playing in Unity.

You can see in the attached doc that the Bag inventory is off screen and should be in same place as the InGame bag icon. I have 16:9 aspect and my build settings are shown below. PLus my AC subtitles menu gets skewed in build. In Screen Issue.pdf?dl=0


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    If you go to AC's Settings > Camera Settings, set "Aspect ratio" to "Fixed" and "Fixed aspect ratio" to "1.78" (equivalent to 16:9), does that fix the issue?

    When using Unity UI, I also usually set the parent canvas to "Screen space - Overlay", then add an Aspect Ratio Fitter component to the child immediately under it (Aspect Mode: Fit in Parent, Aspect Ratio: 1.78). And then I create the entire UI under that.

  • Does 16:9 refer to the aspect ratio of your monitor / build, or the enforced aspect ratio inside the Settings Manager?

    If you're enforcing an aspect ratio, Unity UI canvases should make use of the "Auto Correct UI Dimentions" component to correct their appearance in the case of the enforced ratio not matching that of the screen.

    See the Manual's "Auto Correct UI Dimensions" chapter for details.

  • So, all my unity UI are based from the AC examples, so all have "Auto Correct UI Dimensions" attached, yet it is still not working for me.

    The 16:9 refers to the aspect ratio of my game window. I have not used the enforced aspect ratio inside the Settings Manager, I have tried with 1.1 and 1.5 fixed but so far it cuts off most of my screen, what would i choose to ensure it all fits 16:9 and therefore fits my menus correctly?

  • You might have based your menus from the default UI prefabs, but you've made changes to them. The default InventoryUI prefab is set to align along the top - not the bottom left. The Auto Correct UI Dimensions component needs to be adjusted accordingly.

    If you're not enforcing an aspect ratio in the Settings Manager, though, it is not necessary. AC is not affecting the aspect ratio in this case, and so the menu's position / scale is dictated by Unity's own Canvas Scaler component.

  • My inventory is placed at the bottom rather than the top, i didn't change any sizing except move it to the bottom, see screenshot:

  • The default Auto Correct UI Dimensions component is configured to align to the top. Again, you can remove this if you do not enforce an aspect ratio in AC and just rely on Unity's own components to control its appearance.

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