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Different NavMesh:es for different players (in the same scene)

I think the title and this screenshot says it all :)!Amz_vh8OYDX3vPoKBznTl5Abh7Bhiw?e=qIKDgg

Since NavMeshes are assigned to a scene rather than a player, I'm not sure how to go about this. Would I need to tap into an event for switching players or is there a simpler solution?

Unity: 2021.1.25
AC: 1.74.2



  • So long as they don't intersect with one another, multiple Polygon Collider 2D components can be attached to a NavMesh, with each character inside being limited to motion inside the component they're placed in.

    See the Manual's "Polygon Collider pathfinding" chapter for details.

  • Interesting, thank you.
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