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Cameras - Want to stop switching back to the first person camera after a custscene ends

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I've got a cutscene which starts when the scene begins, pauses gameplay, and switches to a basic camera. When the cutscene ends it currently reverts to the first person camera on the player.

I want to keep using the basic camera indefinitely after the cutscene ends and normal gameplay resumes.

How do I do that?


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    I've achieved this by altogether disabling (in scene) the default first person camera object on the player prefab. That way it seems to stick with the basic camera. I have no idea if that's best practice.

  • If you rely on the First Person movement method, AC will switch to the First Person camera whenever gameplay resumes.

    If you don't want to switch to this camera, you need to alter your Movement method at runtime using the Engine: Manage systems Action - set it to None when you want to start using the basic camera, and back to First Person when you want to resume regular first-person control.

    Bear in mind that this will update the Settings Manager field - so it'll survive exiting Play mode. To ensure you always begin the game in first-person, assign an ActionList on start game at the top with another such Action to initialise the Movement method to First Person.

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