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Timeline object off/on

Regarding AC timeline options and Unity timeline options the timeline turn objects off and on? Or will they need animation to be able to use in Timeline? And can an NPC be made to move to a position in a Timeline? Or would I have to run a character move to point in tandem with a timeline? Thanks!


  • By "turn on and off", do you mean enable/disable GameObjects themselves?

    Timeline's Activation track can be used to activate and deactivate objects, but that's not related to AC.

    You can animate an NPCs position in Timeline using Unity's Animation track. You can then use AC's "Character Animation 2D" track to have AC auto-play the correct walk/idle animation based on their motion while this track plays.

    See the Manual's "Character Animation 2D" chapter for details.

  • Gotcha! Awesome thanks!!

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