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Script : Check if any speech is displayed

Hi everyone,

I have a script that run an actionlist every now and then, in this actionlist the player say something.

But if it happen when a speech UI is displayed (like when talking to a NPC) the player speech from the actionlist is launched anyway and the player speech is displayed at the same time as the current speech.

Is there a way in my script to check if any speech is displayed ?

I found AC.Dialog.IsAnySpeechPlaying, but I'm not sure how to use it in this case ^^'

Thanks for your help !


  • Welcome to the community, @Bricktop.

    The IsAnySpeechPlaying function can be used like this:

    if (AC.KickStarter.dialog.IsAnySpeechPlaying ())

    (See the front page of the Scripting Guide for details on how to access AC component functions in custom scripts.)

    To check if a specific character is playing (for example, the Player), you can use:

    if (AC.KickStarter.dialog.CharacterIsSpeaking (AC.KickStarter.player)

    Additionally, or alternatively, you may want to run your script-triggered ActionList only during gameplay - and not while a cutscene is running. To do this, you can check for:

    if (AC.KickStarter.stateHandler.IsInGameplay ())
  • That's perfect ! l'll try that !
    Thank you :smile:

  • It work just like I need
    Thanks !

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