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Voxel Games in AC?

Hi! New to the forum and have read through a lot of posts. Seems like a really engaged and awesome community!

My question is around isometric voxels as a foundation for a point and click. I've got a lot of experience 3D modeling in Nomad, creating scenes and animations in Blender, MagicaVoxel and 2D illustration but looking to start exploring game making. I'd want to create 3D assets like the link below and have a character explore that space, Talk to NPCs, collect an item, then that would trigger an animation that would bring up a car for them to get into and then we'd dissolve into the next iso environment (kinda like changing rooms/screens in your traditional Lucas Arts game).

Is that doable in AC? It seems possible based on what I've read but I've not been able to find an example of something similar yet made in AC. Hopefully that question makes sense, appreciate any help or confirmation before I purchase AC and dive into this world. Thanks!


  • Welcome to the community, @PhilFTW.

    Certainly, games that involve exploring, talking to NPCs, collecting items and playing animations are what AC is designed for.

    You can find tutorials that cover these aspects over on the Tutorials page.

    Is your question more related to the use of voxel graphics? As AC is a plugin for Unity, it still relies on Unity to handle graphics and rendering. Any graphical assets you want to make use of would need to be usable by Unity - even without the presence of AC.

    The recommended file format for 3D models in Unity is fbx. I'd recommend importing your graphics into a fresh Unity project without AC to get a feel for how they can be presented in-game. If you can get things looking the way you want in Unity, then AC should be able to make use of them as well to create a game of the style you describe.

  • Thanks for the quick response. That makes sense. Getting assets into Unity as FBX files shouldn't be difficult, I was more wondering how AC worked with 3D environments and it sounds like it really sits on top of Unity as a way to simplify engineering an adventure game and is relatively agnostic to what assets I use as long as they are Unity friendly. I'll try dropping some of my models into Unity and assuming they work, I'm excited to start my first game!

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