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Hotspot Icon

Hello dears,

I noticed that under settings manager > hotspot settings > hotspot icon types, there is only an option for use icon but I can't specify for instance an icon for use and icon for examination to be displayed on a hotspot. is there a way around this?


  • The use/examine icon pairing can be drawn as the mouse-cursor when hovering over Hotspots via the Cursor Manager.

    To draw these icons indepentently when the Hotspot is highlighting, you'd have to rely on a custom script. Try this:

    using UnityEngine;
    using AC;
    public class DrawUseLookIcons : MonoBehaviour
        public Hotspot hotspot;
        public float lookOffset = 0.05f;
        private void Update ()
            float iconAlpha = hotspot.highlight.GetHighlightAlpha ();
            Vector2 offset = new Vector2 (Screen.width * lookOffset, 0f);
            if (iconAlpha > 0f)
                if (!KickStarter.mainCamera.IsPointInCamera (hotspot.GetIconScreenPosition ()))
                Color c = GUI.color;
                Color tempColor = c;
                c.a = iconAlpha;
                GUI.color = c;
                CursorIcon mainIcon = new CursorIcon ();
                mainIcon.Copy (KickStarter.cursorManager.GetCursorIconFromID (hotspot.useButtons[0].iconID), true);
                mainIcon.Draw (hotspot.GetIconScreenPosition () - offset, !KickStarter.playerMenus.IsMouseOverInteractionMenu ());
                CursorIcon lookIcon = new CursorIcon ();
                lookIcon.Copy (KickStarter.cursorManager.GetCursorIconFromID (hotspot.lookButton.iconID), true);
                lookIcon.Draw (hotspot.GetIconScreenPosition () + offset, !KickStarter.playerMenus.IsMouseOverInteractionMenu ());
                GUI.color = tempColor;
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