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How do I make a simple picture album instead of a game


  • Welcome to the community, @nessd.

    Can you share some screenshots or mockups to show how you intend for such an album to look and behave? At the moment, I'm imagining a large image in the centre of the screen, with buttons either side to flip through different images in the album.

    You'll want to rely on a Menu for something like that. One approach you could take is to make each image an item in the Inventory Manager, so that you can have an InventoryBox element display them one-by-one automatically.

    Here's how:

    1. Go to your Inventory Manager, and for each album picture, create a new Inventory item - setting the picture as the item's Main graphic. Check Carry on start?.
    2. If you have other items in your Inventory, you can create Default and Album categories in the Manager's Categories tab and move these items to the Album category.
    3. Go to your Menu Manager and create a new Menu named Album. Let its Size to Manual, and increase the W/H sliders to that it fills the screen. Assign a Background image texture - don't worry too much about making it look perfect, you can switch to Unity UI later. Just make sure you can preview the Menu in the Game window by checking Preview in Game window? at the top of the Menu Manager.
    4. Add an InventoryBox element to the Menu, and set its Inventory box type to Custom Script. Set the Max number of slots to 1, and resize it similarly to be as large as you like. Set it's Position to Relative to Menu Size so that you can move it to the centre.
    5. If you placed your items in a category in step 2, check Limit by category? and select the Album category.
    6. To scroll through the various pictures, you'll need Buttons either side to offset which item is shown. To do this, create two Button elements - both with a Click type set to Offset Element Slot. Set the Element to offste to match the name of your InventoryBox element from step 4.
    7. Reposition / restyle these buttons so that one is on the left, and one is on the right, of the InventoryBox element. Set the left Button's Offset type to Shift Previous, and the right Button's to Shift Next.

    When this Menu is turned on, it should then allow you to view a single image from the album at a time - using the side buttons to flick between them. Again, things can be made to look nicer with Unity UI, but just focus on the way it works for now. Is this the kind of behaviour you're looking for?

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