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Hotspot label for containers

edited February 2021 in Technical Q&A

Is it possible for a hotspot label to display the item name/interaction of items in a container now that container interactions are enabled? The label works fine for the inventory, but not when the items are in a container.

This is the menu I use:

It usually displays an item's name on mouseover (or the combine interaction if you are already holding another item). But it doesn't display anything when the items are in a container rather than the inventory. This is the case even when the label menu is visible all the time (so the issue isn't just the "appear type: on hotspot" setting).


  • Make sure your Hotspot menu is at the bottom of the Menu stack - it can only react to Menus that are above (before) it in the processing order.

    If it already is, I'll need to see the properties of your Container menu and Settings Manager.

  • Ah, I was not aware the order of the menus mattered! This is all sorted now, cheers.

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