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Free 3D character asset to learn AC

Hi, I'm going through the "Making a 3D character" tutorial and looking for a free character option instead of using the paid KBH Toon asset mentioned in the tutorial. Looking for a functional character that can plug straight into AC (I'm not experienced with Unity), not any particular style at this stage so even a simple generic dummy/robot would work.

I found "Character Pack: Free Sample" from Supercyan that looks like it might work. Will this be enough to do all the tutorials?

I'm looking forward to seeing what others have used when learning AC. Thanks in advance.


  • Welcome to the community, @RandallW.

    AC relies on Unity's animation systems, meaning that so long as a given character can be imported into and animated by Unity, it'll work with AC. The steps covered in the tutorial aren't specific to the KBH Toon character - it's the same workflow for any character you want to use.

    The Character Pack: Free Sample asset you mention should indeed be fine to use - but you're also welcome to test out the 3D characters provided by the 3D Demo that comes included with AC. Both Tin Pot and Brain can be used while learning AC - their models can be found in /Assets/AdventureCreator/Demo/Models/Chars.

  • Hey Chris, thank for taking the time to reply and confirm the characters that can be used. I want to get right into AC but I always seem to come across base Unity concepts that I don't understand. I guess it's like everything... hard before it becomes easier with knowledge. Cheers!

  • @ChrisIceBox, I noticed you updated the Character tutorial page to use the free character asset... that's very cool. Thanks mate.

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