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Tank controls rotate (turning)

Hello Community,

Unity 2020.1.5
Latest adventure creator version.

-Tank Controls

I think I ran into a strange bug.
When my player turns left or right, the transition between Idle and turn animation is playing very slowly, and after some digging I found out that when I change the turn "speed value" in AC player script to lower number it controls the animation to play slowly so when I release the turn button it doesn't immediately stop but rather play the whole animation based on the "turn speed" in the player script and vis versa.


  • If you're using the Mecanim animation engine, the "Turn float" parameter value will be scaled by the "Turn speed" - though exactly how you use this to drive your animation is up to your Animator Controller.

    I'm not clear from your description what the issue is. Please give further details, screenshots if possible, to explain what bug you're experiencing.

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