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Active Input Window

I've noticed that the Active Inputs window isn't resizeable so if we have several inputs defined, we can't scroll down to edit the fields as they're outside of it.

I'm using Unity 2020.1.11f and AC 1.72.3.


  • Can you share a screenshot of the issue?

    The window isn't resizeable, but a scrollbar should appear once enough are defined.

  • As you can see, the scrollbars appear on the actions themselves but the options below are cut off, I can't get to the 'actionlist when triggered' option underneath 'available when game is:' option.

  • Open up ActiveInputsWindow.cs, and replace the two instances of "460" with "490".

  • Hi, thanks, but I have lots more to add. Is there a way for it to automatically resize?

  • First things first: does that resolve the problem? Are you now able to view the missing fields, regardless of how many Active Inputs are defined?

  • Hi Chris, yes, that's worked, sorry! I can now add as many as I wish :)

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