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Teleport Camera whilst still having Follow Cursor functionality

I'm using Hotspot clicks to move a NavCam around a 2D project. I'd like to still have the Follow Cursor tickbox checked, but enabling the Game Camera 2D script on the camera stops the Teleport Action from working.

I assume I need to remove or change a line of code to stop blocking this. Thanks and please advise how to proceed.


  • You can't teleport a GameCamera directly - it's position is controlled internally, so there'll be a conflict if you try to move it externally.

    Instead, parent the camera to an empty GameObject, and teleport the parent.

  • Thanks, that works, but only if I untick Game Camera 2D (script) and but still tick Follow cursor?.

    Works for me, but not sure if it should.

  • It may be projection-related. Are you using Orthographic or Perspective projection?

  • I'm now having *issues Crossfading from this camera (NavCam1) to another (NavCam2), then teleporting NavCam1 (within a game object) and crossfading back to it. I think its because theres a conflict with this Game Camera 2D (script) and teleporting. How can I have the Follow Cursor functionality without the Game Camera 2D (script) causing conflicts?

  • It will require an internal resetting of the camera's position.

    I shall look into this as part of the upcoming v1.72.0 update.

  • Ok great. I'll push on without it for now and then hopefully add it in with the next update. Thanks!

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