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Is it possible to use different versions of AC?

Hi everyone,
AC 1.70.0 + Unity 2019.2.17f1 on a 2d game.

I made a game using AC 1.70.0. I'd like to maintain this version on this game, so I can create patches without making updatesn (we have a lot of custom scripts and we are not sure they're 100% compatible with the new versions).

But I'd like to create a new game using the last version of AC.

Is it possible to have 2 projects with 2 different versions of AC?

Thank you very much.


  • It would depend on how you mix two versions together - but unless you're dealing with a very specific part of a script it's unlikely to be simple.

    How are your custom scripts written? Do they need modifications to AC's API, or do they rely on provided custom event hooks? Be sure to check the upgrade notes for each release - they'll cover what API changes were made that you'll need to be aware of.

    With v1.71.0, however, AC's player-switching system was overhauled. If your published game makes use of player-switching with v1.70, it may be too drastic to incorporate as save games are likely incompatible.

  • Thank you Chris,
    yes I'd like to avoid any kind of issues so I prefer to work with a version of AC to one project (1.70.0 on the completed game) and with the last version of AC for a new project.

    Is it possible having 2 projects (with no shared components) and using 2 version of AC? I can't understand if AC is linked to a single project or is linked to Unity in general (and so every projects in Unity has the same version of AC).

    Thank you again.

  • If you're talking about each Unity project, then yes - you can use separate versions of AC. What version is in one project won't affect what version is in another, though you can only import the latest release from the Asset Store.

  • Perfect, thank you Chris.

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