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new game and hotspot remember

Hi Chris,
I have a few scenes containing hotspots with remember hotspot.
It is fine that the hotspot states are remembered when the game is loaded or the scene is switched.
However, how can I handle it when the game is started by "New Game' from the title screen?
All the hotspots states in different scenes should be remembered and different from their initial states.
What I am doing is when the "New Game" button is pressed, the global var will be reset to preset and remove all the inventories carried by the player.
But how can I make all the hotspots return to initial state from different scenes when "New Game" is started?
Am I on the correct way or is there any methods AC can help?
Thanks a lot.


  • The Engine: End game Action has a "Restart Game" method - this will clear all saved scene data, including Remember script data, as well as inventory / variable states.

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