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Many triggers/hotspots on different floors

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Hi Chris,

I am doing a 3d game with direct movement.
I have a building scene with 3 floors, and each floor contains around 10-20 different triggers/hotspots on every floors.
(Triggers are for detect player on entering)
Is it better to turn on the triggers/hotspots only when the player is on that floor and turn off others on other floors.
is it useful for better performance or it is no use? Thanks for your advise.


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    AC Triggers rely on Unity's own OnTriggerEnter etc functions - so I think this would be best answered by Unity themselves.

    Certainly I'd say it would improve performance, but it's hard to say by how much. If you can do it - it's probably best to do so just to be on the safe side.

    One trick in AC is that you can use the Object: Send message Action to affect children when passing the TurnOn / TurnOff commands - so if you parent all your Triggers on each floor to a single e.g. "Floor2_Triggers" object, then you can send your messages to the parent and have it update all Triggers on that floor in one go.

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