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Journal menu issue

I created a journal menu with a background texture that looks like an open notebook, and then I created two elements to display two pages at the same time (the second one has a Page Offset # of 1). So far so good. Next, I created two buttons (previous and next) to turn the pages, and selected the offset amount as 2. I also checked "only show when effective". This means that when I click "next", my menu goes from displaying pages 1 and 2 to displaying pages 3 and 4, and so on.

The problem here is that when I'm displaying pages 3 and 4, AC is "officially" on page 3, so it thinks there's still one more page to go and that the "next" button is still effective. And when the button is clicked, even though the offset amount is 2, it offsets the journal by 1 (because that's all that's left to offset) - but obviously it looks wrong.

Would it be possible to take the offset amount into account when calculating whether the button click would be effective? If the offset amount is 2, but there's only one page left to go, it shouldn't offset anything at all.

(Also - thanks Chris for the last few answers you gave me on other topics, they were really helpful.)


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