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Inventory Interaction - items not replacing cursor on 'use'

I'm trying to get my inventory interactions up and running. Looking for a little help.
I'm making a 2d game using Adventure Creator 1.71.4 on Unity 2018.1.0f2

I am using 'choose hostpot then interaction' and interactions work if I check 'include Inventory Items in Hotspot Interaction Menus' in Settings but I don't like the way this feels to play, so I switched to 'Drag and drop Inventory Interface' in the Settings menu.

When I click on an item in the drop down menu it presents me with a choice between 'look' and 'use', but when I select the 'use' interaction it doesn't switch the item graphic to the active cursor and won't run interactions with any of the hotspots I have set up to respond.

I have created a 'use' interaction in the 'standard interactions' for my test inventory item and left the action list slot blank, as is done in the 2d tutorial. But no joy.

I imagine I have missed something simple, but I'm not sure where to look...

Any thoughts welcome. Thanks :smile:


  • Are you clicking the Use icon, or holding the mouse down? Disable Drag and drop inventory interface? for the moment, as it adds another layer of complexity.

    For "Using" an item to automatically select it, you'll need to check Select item if Interaction is unhandled? in the Settings Manager, and then set the Select with unhandled field to your Use interaction. Any item you wish to select in this way will have to have no such "Use" interaction defined in their "Standard interactions" section.

    Also be aware - though you may well wish to - that the use of Interaction menus when clicking on Inventory items is optional. If you set the Inventory interactions field to Single, they'll revert to a left-click use, right-click examine interface as with Context Sensitive mode.

  • OK, cool, that was easy. It worked exactly as you said it would. Thanks.

    On reflection Inventory interactions 'single' does appear to be a more charming way to use the inventory. Thanks for flagging that up too.

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