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Simple sub game - how best to link it in?

Good day.
I want to add a simple sub game into my 2d point and click adventure.

It will look something like this:

Moving the mouse will move the box, but with inverted x and y controls for a minor increase in difficulty.
i.e. you move the mouse up and left, the box travels down and right
The hands will be hinged at the wrist, elbow and shoulder and move accordingly.

What is the best practice approach for integrating this into the flow of the main AC game?
Can it be done entirely from within AC or should I do it from outside and link it in?
Is there a tutorial that covers this kind of thing or something else useful that I can reference?

Any advice or pointers welcome. First time I've tried to do something like this. Thanks.


  • It's quite a unique system with specific needs - it would be best to create it outside of AC and link it in afterwards.

    As the needs and behaviours of a minigame will always vary, there's no "set way" to merge it with the rest of your game - but the Manual's "Integrating other gameplay" outlines your main options.

    Essentially you can either switch to a non-AC scene - so that AC "shuts down" temporarily until you re-enter an AC scene - or turn AC off manually / disable its various systems, and turn them back on again afterwards. What approach you take would be based on the needs - i.e. would you need access to your menus / dialogue systems etc, or would it be enough to be done all in a separate scene?

    Even when AC is disabled, you can still modify the state of Global Variables through script, so that they can be used to keep track of the minigame's win/lose state upon re-enabling AC. See the Manual's "Variable scripting" chapter for info on how to manipulate AC variables through script.

  • Cool. Thanks, Chris, as ever, for your immediate, helpful feedback.

    I'll refer back to this when I get into it more deeply.

    I'm hovering over the idea at the moment - it feels like maybe going outside of what typically happens in point and clicks is the wrong way to go about this puzzle... it's interesting, like pushing beyond the limits of the engine is a 'too easy' solution. Let's see...

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