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keep only rotation on pick-up object

hello everyone, I would like to bypass the possibility of moving a pick up object using only its rotation, just to inspect the object without moving it around, maybe creating an instance without having to force it to lift with physics, it is possible directly in adventure creator or do I have to create a special script? In case I had to create a special script, would you give me a tip? Thanks so much


  • The PickUp object type is reserved for when you want to affect an object with full physics.

    To only control an object's rotation, use a Drag object and set its Drag mode to Rotate Only.

    A tutorial on using this technique to inspect objects can be found here.

  • Thanks Chris, Just followed the full tutorial and spawn model, rotation e menu working fine, only one problem i'm getting is i can't exit
    from menu because cursor stays At Center of model. I'm actually using Lock cursor At Center of screen when game begins to avoid usage of toggle cursor, can it be the problem?
  • If you want the user to click on it, then you'll need to unlock the cursor so that they can.

    You can have the Menu Button be triggered by an input key, though, by entering in an "Alternative input button" in its list of properties.

  • Ok got it, many thanks Chris, i really appreciate your help

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