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What is the best/fasted way to play an h264 video with AC in unity, in a cut scene?

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Hi guys,

As you might know, I'm really in the beginning here, with AC and Unity.

I decided to do my cut scenes in After Effects. It is faster for me... I already have some videos exported in H264.

I want to include them in different scene/cut scenes, they will be played, once the scene is loaded; those scenes can be skipped if we click while the video is playing... so I was wondering...

What s the easiest way, and fastest to do this? There is no interaction in that scene, except for the ability to skip it, with a mouse click...

Can you help me here, what steps do I need to take? Please mind that I'm really a newbie... I can only o scenes, I don't even know how to join them :(

Thanks :)


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    oh man, some of my vieos has 3GB... ups, maybe it is too much... what would be the maximum size you advise per minute of video? I'm rendering them at 1080p

  • Video playback is handled by the Video Player component. This is a Unity component, so what formats and codex it accepts is handled by them - but you can find such details here.

    To have such a component play as part of an AC ActionList, use the Engine: Play movie clip Action. This Action supports skipping upon pressing a supplied input name.

    To switch scene once a clip has finished, check Wait until finish? and then follow this Action up with a Scene: Switch Action. In here, you can supply the name or index number of the scene to switch to. The index number is the number shown when the scene is added to Unity's Build Settings. You will need to ensure that all scenes in your game are added to the build settings before they can be switched to at runtime.

    I can't give too much advice about file-sizes, though 3 gigs does sound too large. I personally use ffmpeg to reduce the bitrate if I want to reduce a video's filesize.

  • Thanks Brian :) Can you give me a acceptable video file size per minute? If you can? please? :) I intend to have 10 to 20, or more videos as cut scenes...

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    It's Chris.

    I'd say 3-4 Mb per minute, but that's just my opinion.

  • Ok, thanks a lot :) It is good to now, because rendering videos take some time... now I can render them, with the right size more or less do I won't have to worry about file sizes later... :)

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