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Trigger Actions When Near the Trigger

Hi Chris,
I have a 3D game setting that only using controller without using mouse or keyboard.
When the Player comes near the door, user press one of a controller button, the door would be opened.
So I have the below setting:
I set two triggers (One check "In", one check "Out") with the same size and position near the door.
"Trigger_In" Action makes the door highlighted and turn var "OpenDoor" to 1.
"Trigger_Out" Action makes the door disable highlight and turn var "OpenDoor" to -1.
I also make the active input for the controller button, when the controller button is pressed, var "OpenDoor" is checked to determine if one of a door is opened.
The above action all works but I wonder if it is a good way to achieve this.
I have three door now, so I make the "OpenDoor" to 1-3 to let the checking knows which door should be opened now.

I wonder if I have a more doors, if the var "OpenDoor" need to be checked many times in order to determine which door should be opened.

I can't think of other ways, Would you please help to comment, thanks a lot.


  • This is all so you can run an interaction based on the Player's position, as opposed to the cursor?

    There's no need for anything so complex, if so. Under the Settings Manager, set the Hotspot detection method to Player Vicinity.

    You'll then need to define a Hotspot Detector on the Player - see this tutorial.

    It's also possible to define an "Interaction Boundary" for a Hotspot - outside of which interactions aren't possible.

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