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MenuActionList Fail

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When I use a MenuActionList if they include an Hotspot( or an ActionList), the Hotspot´s reference disappear when I play the game.

Excuse my English


  • To reference a scene object within a MenuActionList, you need to refer to it's ConstantID number instead.

    Attach a ConstantID script to your Hotspot/ActionList, copy the number, and paste it into your MenuActionList-based Action.  Also, be sure to have the latest version, 1.29 as of writing.
  • I attach a ConstantID script to my Cutscene (or actionList, or Hotspot) but in MenuActionList I don´t know how to refer this ConstantID number. 

    Another thing, when Im saving my Cutscene as prefab, the prefab is corrupted, all actions appears as Camera: Fade.

    Im using 1.29.
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    Don't save your Cutscenes as prefabs!  That's why MenuActionLists exist - they're a way of storing Actions in an asset file.  If you want to call a MenuActionList outside of a Menu, you can use the Engine: Run ActionList Action from any scene-based Cutscene.

    When using Actions in a MenuActionList, the object fields (such as the "New Camera" in the Camera: Switch Action) turn into "ID" integer fields - here you can enter in the Constant ID number.
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