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Trying to load up the Movement Template:Nodes package but getting errors

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This is about half the errors but maybe enough to figure out whats happening? if you need all of them, please advise me how I can copy all the errors in the console.

My steps were to start a new 3D project and then import Custom Package. I imported the Movement Template:Nodes package from the main site. Then got these errors.

I tried these versions sets, both yielding the same results:

Unity 2018.3.6f1 Personal
AC v1.66.7

Unity: 2019.3.9f1
AC: v1.70.4


  • The latest AC release is required. Try it again in a fresh project with AC v1.70.4 - the errors suggest you were using an older version.

  • Ok got it loaded up thanks. Is there any documentation explaining the package, tutorials or quick start guides on how to approach implementing Node based movement in AC?

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    A Readme and example scenes are included in the package.

  • Found the Read Me Thanks. The example scenes are loading with an error about a missing menu:

  • Did you follow the instructions and assign the provided Managers to your game first?

  • Right. Got it working. Was confused by the instructions since I interpreted Navigate to Adventure Creator → Downloads → Movement nodes to be refering to the website location of the package. Following on from that I couldn't place how I was meant to action the 2nd step directly after downloading. Realising that the steps should be folowed after importing the package it all made sense.

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