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PopUpLabelData Warning

Hi Chris,

1) I get a warning after the project is being built.
The warning say "warning CS0414: The field "PopUpLabelData.editorLabel" is assigned but its value is never used."
I am not sure the warning say, I don't know what is a PopUpLabelData is about. I don't remember I have assigned any popuplabeldata or its value.
Would you please help to advise how can I fix the bug?

2) I have one more question. Is there any setting to set and play a SFX when Player click to skip dialogue? Or It should be done by script? Would you please advise, thanks a lot.


    1. What is your AC version? It shouldn't show in the latest release. However, it's harmless - you can safely ignore it.
    2. This'd be best done through a custom event, but there isn't currently one for this situation. I'll look into this for the next release. Remind me in this thread when the next update is out, and I'll share code that does it.
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