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Building drop-down Main Menu

Hello. I am starting to build the main menu of my game.

I want it to work like many of the classics, where various elements drop down when you hover the mouse at the top of the screen, like this:

I have a feeling I have approached it in the wrong way, but it is half working...

I am attempting to use the InGame menu like a hotspot:

I have set up the pre-existing 'InGame menu' so that the InGame 'MeunButton' is centred at the top of the screen with maximum width and the height is at around 5.1, so it covers the top strip of the screen.

I have set the 'Appear type' of the InGame menu to 'Mouse Over' and have created simple Action lists for 'Action list when turn on' and 'Action list when turn off', to turn the main parts of my menu (the 'menu options', 'objectives', 'inventory' and 'observations' menus as shown in the picture) on and off respectively.

Turning them on works fine - they turn on when I hover over the 'MenuButton'. But they don't turn off again when I move my mouse away. I think this is because I am thinking about it the wrong way.

What is the best way to approach buliding a menu like this? Any tips welcome.


  • Hi, sorry. I figured it out 2 minutes later. I've got it working. A stupid mistake. PLEASE DELETE

  • Mistakes happen. I'm sure others in the future with a similar situation would appreciate you sharing what was missing.

  • OK, can do:

    For each of the menus that I wanted to switch on, I set their 'Appear type' to 'manual'.

    Then, in the 'InGame' menu Action lists I used the 'Menu - change state' function to turn each of these menus on - in the 'Action list when turn on' -

    and (crucially for me) when I copy pasted the functions into the 'Action list when turn off' it was important to switch the function so that it turned the menus off again.

    It is also important to spell the name of the menu correctly as it appears in your menu list.

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