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Request: Set Parameters in Bulk for ActionList without having to run

Would it be possible for us to have the same functionality for setting parameters in bulk that ActionList: Run gives us, without having to actually run the ActionList at that moment?


  • Could you share a scenario where that would be useful? I'm not sure why that would be needed.

  • -Setting up what is fed to Parameters on a Hotspot, based on earlier conditions decided in an ActionList.
    e.g. Set Hotspot Parameters with this group of Variables because X happened OR Set Hotspot Parameters with that group of Variables because Y happened.

    -Set all my Parameters for an intertwining group of ActionLists, in the Trigger ActionList, which kicks off the process.
    e.g. I am passing the Trigger Parameters to equivalent Parameters on the related ActionLists. I don't want to Run them all at this moment, but they will get run soon after. Its far less convoluted to set them all up in one place in the Trigger ActionList than to set up each just before its run, in a daisy-chain manner.

  • Thank you, that's fair. I will give it some thought.

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