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Possible to reference Parameter in ActionList to Enable Hotspot?

Unity: 2019.3.9f1
AC: v1.70.4

I'd like to reference a Hotspot in a Parameter in an ActionList, in order to enable it. Adding a set interaction parameters only has the interaction types for use, examine etc... and I am really asking to reference this hotspot in a parameter, but without interacting with it, since I only want to enable it.

How would I do this?


  • I think I worked it out. Am I right that I need to use a trigger and a set trigger parameters component?

  • It depends on how you/when you want to do so. What's the specific situation?

    The Set Trigger Parameters / Set Interaction Parameters components are mainly a convenience. Parameter values can be set individually with the ActionList: Set parameter Action, or in bulk when the ActionList is run with the ActionList: Run Action.

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