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Paused menu



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    What is the other menu that opens? Please give clear details needed to recreate the issue - including your Settings Manager, and the properties of the two menus involved.

  • The other menu is also set to pause when enabled, and the elements of this menu are just buttons.

    In order to recreate the issue simply just set the inventory menu to Paused when enabled and add one inventory item - then under the item properties > standard interaction > make a "Use" action-list. Then, through that "Use" action-list open the other menu which includes button elements. Also don't forget to to add a hover sound to the first menu in the "InevtoryBox" and the issue should be recreated.

  • Did you manage to create the issue? If not I can give more details.. I tried fixing it myself but I still don't know why the sound is repeating

  • Yes, I've recreated it - a fix will be issued in the next update.

  • Did the fix come out for this issue? I have a full screen inventory with a full screen invisible button behind it which is set to close the full-screen inventory when clicking in empty space.

    This causes the inventory hover sound to repeat endlessly when hovering over inventory items.

  • Yes - though that was for a specific situation. If you're facing a related issue, it's likely due to a very specific combination of settings.

    You mention in another thread that this is related to an "invisible" menu. Create a new thread with full steps on how to accurately reproduce your problem, using the default interface as a starting point, along with AC/Unity version numbers, and I'll attempt a recreation.

  • Will do, thanks Chris.
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