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What does UFPS add to AC that AC cannot already do?

It's currently on sale and I'm about to start making a new game with an first person viewpoint.

AC already does the basic functions of moving about and jumping in first person, so what will UFPS bring to the table if I am not making the next Call of Duty?


  • I don't know about the latest incarnation, but I had the previous version (now deprecated), and, well, yanno... it's a First Person Shooter system. Great for running around shooting up stuff with loads of different weapons, body awareness (or whatever the technical term for that is), a weapon inventory, HUD, and so on. The latest version looks like it's got quite a lot of new stuff tacked on too (although, the modular design also means that you have to shell out for some of those extra features, if you want them)

    I've tried using AC for a First Person game and I was never really able to achieve any fluidity in the gameplay, but that was probably as much down to my incompetence as anything else. I'm not sure that UFPS (especially when you consider all the issues you'd face when trying to integrate it with AC) would give any better results than AC on its own, however, particularly in an adventure-style game, where the gameplay is usually at a more leisurely pace

    Still, it's only $30 or so at present, so even if it doesn't work out, it hasn't exactly broken the bank

  • For a free alternative, it's possible to rely on Unity's own first-person controller. See the integration on the wiki here.

  • So is the take-away, that unless I'm doing fast paced combat, AC (maybe coupled with Unitys own FPC) is plenty good enough for basic first person movement - jumping, walking, running, crouching, looking about and interacting with 3d environments etc...?

  • i used Unity's first person controller a LOT when i first started using Unity, and it's really pretty good, as far as it goes. i think i had to write my own crouch script, but it's got everything else

    if you wanted that body awareness thing though (being able to look down and see the player character actually in the scene, and have them cast shadows and whatnot) then i think you'd be better off using AC's own first person controller

    i used that with an old abandoned game. the mechanic worked, but i was never able to achieve the kind of fluid movement i wanted, and... to be honest i just got bored, the game itself wasn't really going anywhere, and i moved onto other things

    so, yeah, i think that if you're doing more of a walking simulator than trying to make the next GTA, then i think you probably don't really need UFPS, there are alternative solutions

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    AC doesn't have built-in crouching (though a wiki script is available here).

    My own personal preference is KCC, as it has smooth movement but much more of a reliance on user scripting to get the desired behaviour. This does make it a little more involved to get up-and-running, however. AC has integration for this as well.

  • Thank you both. Think I'll hold off buying just yet until I see if my project actually needs anything extra.

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