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Warning message received after a save is loaded

Hi Chris,

I receive a warning message "End asset XXXXX, but ActiveList data is retained" after I load a save.
The scene I load involves actionlist asset XXXXX inside "On_start".
Also, I made the scene "On_load" to run "On_start" as the save point is just after the scene begins.
I am not sure what the warning means, or I just ignore it? Thanks a lot.


  • This is your "OnStart" ActionList, assigned directly in the Scene Manager after setting the ActionList source to Asset File?

    This message means that the ActionList has been ended, but AC is still retaining some data about it. For example: if the ActionList was paused and it needs to know where it was paused at.

    What exactly is in the ActionList? Can you share what Actions are necessary for this to show?

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