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Spanish translation

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Im making a game with Adventure Creator and I want to include Spanish translation but I dont know how to include a translation.

There is a tutorial for this?

Thank you and excuse my English


  • Read That Fine Manual (tm).
    It is described in Section 9.2 "Managing Translations"
    Good luck!
  • I will to translate, and all it´s ok but inventory and use on hotspots. All is translated except inventory names and interactions with hotspots (hotspots are well translated and menu buttons and labels)
  • Are you using the latest version of AC?  A tutorial on translations is available here
  • Im using AC 1.29 an my game is finished. When I tried to update to 1.31 my entire game crash. There is no mode to use translations in 1.29?

    All works well but inventory translation.
  • Translations have been in there since 1.0!  You can't stay in 1.29 forever - what exactly happened when your game crashed?
  • Stack overflow, unity crash, the player no appear...
  • I'm sorry you're having trouble, but I do need more than that to go on.  Do you have screenshots you can post?  You're welcome to PM me a UnityPackage file with the problem project in, and I'll take a look.
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