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Adventure Creator is being used to make some awesome-looking games! Check out a few of them below, and see more on the showcase forum.

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The NADI Project

The NADI Project, the path between the energy flows. Will you get lost?

It is a graphic adventure, inspired by the already best-known successes of "The Vanishing of Ethan Carter" and of "Ether One".

You will face the difficulties of a shipwreck, in an anonymous island, forgotten by every nautical map. You can't count on anyone, just on your intuition. Bur nothing is like it seems, even the desert islands do not escape out of this law.


TurgorQuest is a mini-adventure game which based on «The Void» game created by Ice-Pick Lodge studio. This is a story about The Void collapsing, exhausted by its inhabitants. The story of the Lost Soul, tormented by hunger, driven by Nameless Sister to the last Source in hope of salvation.


- 15 minutes of point-n-click gameplay;
- 3 locations drawn with love;
- Meet original game characters;
- Humor — checked.


- Platform: PC (WebGL/Windows/Linux)

- Language: russian, english (subtitles).

Utopia Times Of The Doomed Worlds

Developers: 2ManyNoise
Made on: Unity and Adventure Creator

Vincent the Vampire

Vincent the Vampire is a dark alternative Point and Click Adventure Game for PC, Mac and Linux that pays tribute to the classic games of the genre like 'Day of the Tentacle', 'Sam and Max', and 'Full Throttle'. It will try to revive the classic humour of those games while also creating a more adult experience for the more mature Point and Click audience, and it will also include side quests and multiple ways to solve the same puzzles.

When We Were Young

Katie, an everyday middle-aged mom and wife return to the island where she once grew up at, to visit her sick little sister.

A colorless island full of sadness and sorrow from a past Katie chose to forget a long time ago but which she must confront when she mysteriously ends in the past as her 15-year-old self.


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